WINDS Executive Partners can win cash rewards from hundreds of crores to be distributed every month.

To begin with, total cash rewards to be distributed every month will be worth to Rs.100 crore*. It will increase on a month to month basis and within a year or gradually grow to more than Rs.500 crore**, to be distributed every month

All rewards will be in the form of cash prizes directly transferred to the bank accounts and are subject to deduction of applicable taxes thereon. The largest draw of its kind conducted and audited digitally by an international audit firm.

20 Crore

1 Winner Every Month

10 Crore

2 Winner Every Month

1 Crore

5 Winners Every Month

50 Lakh

10 Winners Every Month

25 Lakh

20 Winners Every Month

10 Lakh

40 Winner Every Month

5 Lakh

50 Winners Every Month

1 Lakh

1000 Winners Every Month

10000 ,₹ 2500 ,₹ 2000 ,₹ 1000 ,₹ 500 ,₹ 200

Millions of winners every month

The first lucky draw is planned to start with millions of prizes, which will keep growing and ultimately after one year or so, will likely increase to hundreds of millions winners every month.

The draw will be conducted after group size is complete.

* Terms and Conditions apply.
** Subject to the growth of our business, cash rewards shall gradually go to ₹500 Crore every month or even more depending on certain market conditions.