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Win Big

Huge Cash Rewards Every Month

WINDS enables merchants that partner with it to earn huge cash rewards every month through a Lucky draw.

For every cumulative Service Charge of Rs. 10,000 paid to WINDS, WINDS Executive Partners earn 10,000 WSP (WINDS Service Points) that gets them an entry to the following month’s Cash Rewards Draw. All rewards will be in the form of cash prizes directly transferred to the bank accounts and are subject to deduction of applicable taxes thereon. The largest draw of its kind conducted and audited digitally by an international audit firm.

Increased Sales

Exclusivity In Business

Merchants who join WINDS enjoy the exclusivity of being the only Winds Executive Partner for specific product categories in their area of operation and in such capacity, will be positioned as the only retailer in that business category in their locality.

This unique position in the market enables the merchants to rise above their competition, to attract more customers and to establish a loyal customer base.

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Online Visibility

The retail landscape is becoming an increasingly crowded space. Consumers have a multitude of choices. So to make sure your business stands out in this sea of noise, register with WINDS App which gives you complete visibility in the market but also helps you stand out in this competition. So, make a wise decision, today.

Everyone is online these days and customers are discovering all the products online using their smartphones. The best way to grow your business is to be visible to your customers online. This will make a space for your business in the mind of customers not only when they visit your shop but also when they are at home browsing for products. It is important to become visible online to enable customers preferring your business over your competitors. This will help you gain more customers, improve loyalty of customers and earn more income.


Low-Interest Micro Loans

Members can avail loans from WINDS facility at interest rates lesser than market rates, to grow and expand their business.

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Silver Jewel.

Entry level memberships are not eligible for loans from WINDS facility.

Gold Jewel.

Secured loan @ 8% interest from WINDS facility of Rs. 20,000 for a term of 5 years to thousands of lucky draw winners every month.

Diamond Jewel.

Secured loan @ 7% interest from WINDS facility of Rs. 50,000 for a term of 5 years to thousands of lucky draw winners every month.

Platinum Jewel.

Secured loan @ 6% interest from WINDS facility of Rs. 1,00,000 for a term of 5 years to thousands of lucky draw winners every month.

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Family Support

Untimely Death Cover

All WINDS Executive Partners will be covered for the eventuality of death. The surviving nominee/nominees will be given financial help which will see them through the hardships following the sad demise of their bread earner. The amount towards death help shall be 5% of average monthly sale for the last 6 months up-to a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000 per month. As you rise higher in the WINDS privilege club membership the duration of financial help increases from 3 years for Silver card members to 4 years for Gold card members, 6 years for Diamond card members and 8 years for Platinum card members.

Partner Networking

Chance to win Luxury Vacation

WINDS Executive Partners stand a chance to win an all expense paid trip to domestic and international locations and also bring along a companion with them for the course of the luxury vacation.

This vacation also provides an opportunity for the Partners to interact with other successful partners from the WEP community and share experiences. This networking exercise will provide a platform to not only celebrate individual success, but also a gigantic digital retail marketplace for all Partners to interact with their targeted customers.

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